About us

The Ikigai F&B group aims to provide diners with fine food, but in a
casual non-pretentious environment. A carefully crafted special menu
of ever-changing food items, and a wide range of common and rare
Japanese Sake, Gin, Shochu and Whiskey that supplement the
experience. We believe in creating food that is value for money to our diners.


When we were building The Ikigai F&B Group, we have 4 simple words that forever anchored us in our business strategy

1. Passion

We create food with our own original ideas to present the art of Japanese cuisine
to diners

2. Mission

To deliver affordable yet exquisite Japanese culture and cuisine to diners. We want
our customers leaving with happy tummies and our people thinking that this is the best place that they have ever worked at.

3. Vocation

We expect nothing but the best in everything we do. We are open-minded, love to learn and constantly evaluate how we can do better. We dare to try new things. You’ll never know what will come from us next.

4. Profession

We pride ourselves on taking care of our own people and customers. We care about what you think.